Youth Programs

BAPC enables a number of different programs and partnerships aimed at both work with and serving the youth of our community.

Brattleboro Youth Council

The Youth Council is all about young folks like you standing up for your peers and teaming up with community decision-makers to make things better for youth. Right now, we’re all about shared power in schools, community safety in Brattleboro, and cool career shadowing opportunities. Learn more here, and check out this video here!

WSESU Middle School
Leadership Teams

We help youth leaders like you get the skills you need to lead your fellow students and make your school awesome for everyone. That means learning leadership, running productive and fun team meetings, leading your peers, and making cool projects to bring change. We also support the grown-up advisors at eight WSESU schools. Watch the video here.


Nancy Goodhue leads this with our support. It’s all about BUHS’s Our Voices Xposed (OVX) and BAMS Vermont Kids Against Tobacco (VKAT). We’re here to educate young folks and decision-makers about cutting down on nicotine use among youth and saying no to the tobacco industry’s tricks. Learn more here

School-based curriculum

We’ve got some cool substance prevention stuff for 5th to 8th graders including Escape the Vape, Cannabis Conversations, and Alcohol: True Stories

Cope & Connect

Our resource guide is chock-full of fun and educational stuff for everyone, from young kids to teens, and even adults and caregivers. Check it out at

Internship and
leadership opportunities

We’ve worked with over 40 young folks who wanted to dive deep with us, from middle schoolers to college grads. You can earn some cash or community service hours while making a difference!